Monday, June 28, 2010

Newborn Jonah!

The home studio us officially in business. In addition to the technical stuff like lights and cushions to keep your babies from rolling around, I also have backdrops, baskets, chairs and knit props. Everything is in one place, ready to shoot at all times. However, the entire setup is also portable so I can pack it into my car and bring it to clients if need be.

I'm excited to say that I finally had my inaugural infant shoot in my little studio! It was a lot of fun. Jonah was wide awake the entire time. He had no plans to nap and didn't care who knew it. He seemed very concerned about what was happening around him. We tried to get him to fall asleep so we could ball him up and tuck him into a little knit cocoon but he wasn't interested. He got him in a couple times but he would stretch his legs all the way back out and poke his little toes through the holes in the knitting. It was really adorable.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Melissa and Bryant's Wedding

Are you ready for one of the sweetest, happiest, most good looking couples ever? Okay... Here it goes: Check out Melissa and Bryant's wedding! When we shot their engagement photos last October it was clear what amazing people they were. It was freezing that day but they were such great sports about the whole shoot. They were lovely and creative, they didn't complain and they looked insanely happy at all times.

Fast forward to their wedding last weekend and not much about them had changed, except maybe they were even more happy this time around. Melissa and Bryant, along with everyone in their wedding party, was simply a delight to be around. There was no shortage of smiles, jokes and radiant joy. The day ended up (literally) picture perfect.

Congratulations Melissa and Bryant!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Perfect Day For Family Photos!

After Graycen's photos last week I met with another group to photograph two brothers and their cousin. By this point all of the post-rain hazey beauty had burned off and it was hot and humid. I was not dressed appropriately and thus turned into a sweaty, hot pregnant mess. Luckily, I'm the photographer and not the subject. Well, lucky for me anyway. I suppose other people still had to look at me. But at least no photos were taken...

We did however get tons of great photos of the kids. I was so glad that we had a beautiful spot and a beautiful morning for these shots. Humidity aside, I couldn't have asked for a better morning!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Graycen's Four Year Photos

Things were looking a little bleak last Saturday morning and I was hoping to get a break from the rain long enough to fit a few sessions in. I ended up getting really lucky with a few families and we got some beautiful light. It was that "after the rain but not quite before the sun" stage when we started out with Graycen and her mom. (It quickly changed into "dude the sun is out and you are being punished for wearing black track pants today" but I'll touch on that with the next family I post.)

I met with Graycen and her family last year around the same time for her three year photos. I was excited to meet with her and her mom again. They're expecting an addition to the family in July! I thought the mom and daughter pictures were so adorable. They're such a beautiful family!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hanging Out With Grant!

It feels like it's been a busy Spring so far! I've already done five weddings, numerous family sessions and I'm working on getting my in-home studio finished up. I'm hoping to photograph a newborn this week and be able to share with you guys some new stuff that I haven't really done before. Plus, you'll get some peeks of the studio and I'll be posting some special newborn packages.

Right now though, let's take a minute to ooh and aww over pictures of my favorite sister's favorite son. He's so big and smart and cute. He's also an epic face-maker, just like his mom.