Friday, December 19, 2008


This is Vegas, my sister's doberman. Vegas completely ignored my camera. I photograph my dog at home a lot, and he will not sit still once I get my camera out. He's way too interested in what I'm doing. If I hold it up in front of my face he comes running over to make sure I'm still okay behind it. Vegas though, couldn't care less about me. Which worked out well...

Mom and Daughter Shoot

Here are a few of my favorites from the mom and daughter shoot I did last weekend. These two girls were a blast. Total free spirits. They made my job so easy. I love it when moms aren't afraid to let their kids get a little dirty, especially in photos.

Their yard was incredible. So many trees and buildings and lots of wide open space.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life doesn't stand still. You shouldn't either.

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my new blog.

I am working on expanding my photography career into the realm of portraiture. Before now, I've mainly had an interest in photographing scenery and nature, but since my wedding this fall I've realized how important and touching it can be to document someone else's life. I found myself compelled more than ever before to pick up a camera and start clicking away at the people living and growing around me.

Children grow, couples fall in love, families form. I think it's so important to capture that. Cherish it. Look back on it years from now and remember how wonderful those memories are. I'm not a person who will pose you, take a few pictures and send you on your way. I want to photograph the true you. I want to photograph you in motion. In life.

I work out of Omaha, NE but can travel to other locations for photo sessions. Right now I photograph mostly infants, children, teen/high school seniors, families and bands. I'm also looking for opportunities to expand into bridal portraits, weddings and anything else you could possibly imagine. If you're interested in having me photograph an event not listed please still feel free to contact me. I love new challenges and meeting exciting clients!

For booking and pricing info email me: cburright (at) gmail (dot) com