Thursday, July 23, 2009

Abbey's Wedding Details

Last week I did a quick little "details" shoot for Abbey. She missed a couple shots of some things she wanted on her wedding day, so she stopped by and we set up a little makeshift studio in my kitchen. It worked out well! These are some of my favorite things to shoot. The little details are what always impress me...

I didn't notice until after she left, but the inside of her husband's band is engraved! I was so disappointed I didn't see it! That would have made for some awesome shots.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Erin and Matt

So. It happened. I photographed a wedding. Let's just say it was...


But, while terrifying, it was still successful. Not every picture turned out perfect, but all in all it went well. I edited a handful to share while I work my way out of the pile of editing I am accumulating.

These guys were smiles, smiles, smiles, tears, smiles, in every picture. And they were really nice. And their son is adorable. And they are adorable. And I cried during their toasts. For real. I cried at a stranger's wedding.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Barbie's Senior Pictures

This weekend is big. Like, crazy big. As in: OMG, people are trusting me with these responsibilities? I'm photographing my first wedding tomorrow. Tonight I shot a wedding rehearsal, then tomorrow morning I have a "getting ready" shoot with Bride #1. Then on to Bride #2 for an entire wedding in Elm Wood park. I'm very anxious about the whole day.

To ease my nerves I went though Barbie's pictures. It helped calm me. Her pictures turned out great. She was fun, laid back, unique. I wanted to get a few proof out that I thought captured the shoot. Here are just a few, but I'm really loving these!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I almost made it through June's sessions before I started on July. Almost. I got behind on poor Maddex here. He turned 6 months in June. At first he wasn't too thrilled about getting his picture taken, but his dad cheered him up enough to get some smiley pictures.

Here it comes...

Maddex is neighbors with Grant, so they also took some pictures together. Grant spent the entire time trying to eat Maddex. It looks like they're hugging in this picture, but Grant is really slobbering all over the side of his face.

And here's this because I seriously cannot go to someone's house and leave without taking a picture of their dog. I can't. I'm simply unable.