Monday, February 8, 2010

Korrine and Kendall at the Zoo

I finally worked up the courage to buy a new camera. It makes me physically ill to think of spending lots of money at once. I'm perfectly fine making a series of small purchases... For example, three $40 trips to Target in one day? Totally okay. Spending $120 at once? Not okay. So for me to go into a store and intentionally - in one sitting - spend what I feel is a moderately large sum of money... It made my palms sweat. But boy oh boy, was it worth it. There's nothing like a brand new camera getup to make me feel like running out and photographing everything I possibly can.

So, I went to the zoo with Brooke and her girls, Korrine and Kendall, and we did just that. In the snow. The zoo, in the snow, in February. But you know what? It was so breathtakingly beautiful. Everyone should go to the zoo while it's snowing.

I also have to add that you have not seen the zoo until you have seen it with two four-year-olds. My. Goodness. If only adults were capable of having 1/10 the amount of fun that children always manage to have. There was running, jumping, twirling, patty-caking.

So much fun.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Jeremy's Headshots

Jeremy came to me needing some new headshots and promos to hand out at bookings. Or for bookings. Or to booking agents. Or whatever you do with headshots. The world of theatrical talent is a mystery to me, as I have none myself. The closest I've ever come to "acting" was when my sister-in-law (a talent agent) secretly sent my info in to a client and booked me for a commercial. She waited until I agreed to it to inform me that I would be wearing a giant flea costume. Yes, I was a flea. A militant, college activist flea. A flea with a lip ring.


Let's start over, ok?

Jeremy came to me needing some new headshots and promos to hand out at bookings. I really loved Jeremy. We had met years before through a mutual friend so it was nice to hang out with some prior knowledge of one another. (Kind of takes the edge off.) He was pretty frank about the session, saying he only really needed two legit headshots and the rest to the time we could just have fun and be creative. A talented actor, dancer, model and free reign to do whatever I wanted? Sign me up! Oh wait, I was signed up already! Score!!!