Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jack's Baby Photos

Several months ago when I went to order more business cards, I decided to change up the design a little. My educational background is in design, so I'm always changing things around... when maybe I shouldn't. Because then I decided to change my blog header to match. And I figured if I'm going to run ads they should match the new design, so I put the new logo on them. And now that I have a new logo in a semi-official sense, I should start using it as the new watermark. But then I need to update the website... And what do I do with the old watermarked photos?

It started with business cards and became a giant chore. Moral of the story, when you're starting a business go ahead and stick to your business. Leave the branding to someone else. Unless you're starting a design business in which case I wish you luck.

Ah well, let's forget about the whole thing. You probably came here to look at pictures, not be subjected to my inner dialogue in print. Today I have some pictures of Jack. This little boy is freaking adorable. There's no other way to put it.

Look who was missing out on all the attention!

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