Friday, December 4, 2009

Cindy, Peyton, and Leila

I've got a little more holiday goodness today. Holiday goodness x3 in fact.

I am so geared up for Christmas this year, it's ridiculous. Hanging out with all these excited kids in their holiday clothes, talking about presents and Santa... It's all too much. I've been making a conscious effort this year to buy more handmade and artisan gifts for my friends and family. Etsy is of course a great place to shop. I found another really cool print shop that I luuurve, but unfortunately I can't say who they are or what they print... I bought a Christmas gift for my husband from them and he occasionally reads my blog. Soooo, sorry folks.

Is everyone else getting excited for the holidays? Cindy, Peyton, and Leila sure were. It was freezing the morning we took their pictures. So, instead of our outdoor location we picked, we sort of crashed the Christmas display at a local mall before the shops opened up. I was waiting to get kicked out by security but I think everyone was too entertained by the girls to really care. They even got to sit in Santa's chair (throne?) before he got there. How cool is that?

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